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Money saving tip: There are free tours of the magnificent Bahai Gardens in Haifa, with a Bahai tour guides. (Seen in the image above). Click here for details.

Budget Touring

Concerned that you can't afford a trip to Israel?  Read these money saving ideas and enjoy an affordable yet meaningful trip.

Saving money on Airfare:

  1. Don't visit Israel during peak travel times. A visit during the off peak season is much more affordable. Check the calendar and avoid coming during Israeli holidays and during your kids' peak vacation times (ie summer vacation).

  2. Consider flying with a budget airline. 

  3. Check the prices on non direct flights. They're often less expensive than direct flights and you might even be able to squeeze in a day of touring in some other location while you wait for your change of planes.

Saving money on Accommodations:

  1. Consider staying in a youth hostel. There are some amazing youth hostels. They are not what you normally associate with youth hostels. You do not need to share a bedroom or bathroom with strangers. Many families stay in youth hostels. Research Israeli youth hostels online and you will be surprised by what you see. Click here for details.

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